> I guess that's what we meant by dream!?
February 12 I was walking in the rich road in my shitty town. The rich road is rich people who have the choice to either own a big house w a big lot or a big house w a medium lot and they chose the latter. But they still need lots of space. So they set themselves by the outer edge of a working class town, just out of sight of the rundown houses and shawarma places in the center of town. Just enough space and comfort for them. Well. Anyway. I was playing w some randos dog, and i was very worried that it would bite me in the crotch. Haha CLASSIC cartoon ouchie moment! I continued on my lil walk, and i passed by the randos house and a cutscene happened. The guy was in an indoor leafy hottub talking to a man in a suit and there was a type of instagram filter over everything. Very low budget glossy movie cutscene. I got a crush over that guy after seeing that cutscene and i was very ashamed and guilty and in danger. I dont remember what else happened but somehow i was in an indie unity horror game hallway. There was a bright dot that was light yellowgreen and faded into neon green. It blinked from time to time and dropped like raindrops and swallowed and everything. Dunno how i woke up
February 11 We were camping and we had a pretty fancy and clean metal trailer! So sway! I think this ones a continuation to another dream i had, where i was biking in a camping site and there was people around a campfire. Pretty ez stuff. Adults and other adults and teens and others teens and kids and other kids all playing together like an ant colony. Anyway, then i had to go to my friends fancy diner outing and bring something to her dad or grandad. Ive never seen her dad or grandad before. From my pov, i teleported to her grand/dad and gave him the teeth-like stuff (there was an ad transition that was very blue and bright and it begged for my attention and i gave it all of it. Ads DO work on me). I walked over to my friend and her bro. We were around a little way too small and round table. I said i didnt know how i got here. They said that i literally had walked all the way on the loose stone pavement where the rocks go flyingggg everywhere and go in your shoes...I didnt remember any of it. I thought i had dissasociated in my own dream i did. It was so confusing but it was so familiar that i woke up. I still dont know why it was so familiar.
February 10 I was twilight sparkle...At least I knew i was. I always have the BEST self-conceptualization in dreams. Me is me no matter what. Me and my body are disconnected and in dreams my me is extended in new limbs. I kept going through loops like groundhog day (Ive never watched groundhog day). I kept waking up under my desk and my room was yellow and the outside was blue...then i would go on an adventure! Wow! I dont remember any of the adventures. I dont think i even remembered going on them in my own dream. I remember this one though. I went in the sea in a sea cucumber (submarine) and i felt like pissing myself. Im really scared of the ocean. Unfortunately i cant join the social recluse ocean fanclub cus id bend over and cry and puke probably. But we went in the ocean to where there was nothing around us, nothing for me too grab, it was just like a waxy gradient from blue to black. "We" cus there was someone else w me, a friend. Were they yellow or orange with long arms? Dunno. Someone (maybe someone with black hair?) told us not to go bc we wouldnt have enough time cus we had to leave the ocean adventure soon, but we ran ran ran ran rushed dragged over to the submarine and went deep deep deep deep. Oops! Of course, our ride came while we were deep. My friend jumped into an iceberg to leave, and left me to put the submarine back. I was so scared. You have no idea. I was mad too, i kept hitting things. I shouldve just drank the whole ocean. But then i think i got so scared i forced the day to loop in my dream. I woke up under my desk and pinkie pie swung me around everywhere like crazy. Bunch of pink and purple blurred together and went in and out and went 2fps and would go colour and black and yeeeesh. I woke up after partying hard! Like sleeping after being awake...Haha get it